Guerin Catholic is a diocesan high school committed to academic excellence. Our college-preparatory, liberal arts curriculum is taught from a Catholic worldview and is intended to challenge all students to develop their God-given potential. With the help of our caring, knowledgeable faculty, we challenge our diverse learners to not only think critically but to also develop a love of learning.

The academic calendar is organized on a trimester schedule, with three 12-week terms in each school year. A comprehensive liberal arts curriculum of 110+ courses emphasizes preparation for life beyond high school.

Philosophy of Education

GCHS Director of Academics Christine Williams
Assistant Principal/Director of Academics
Christine Williams

Guerin Catholic High School, founded as a Catholic diocesan high school, is committed to academic excellence. We believe that educational excellence is achieved through the offering of a rigorous and challenging curriculum taught by competent, enthusiastic, and caring faculty. The curriculum is college preparatory, which takes into account the individual learning styles, interests, and abilities of all students and provides for developing them.

On completion of the required courses, Guerin Catholic students can earn one of three different diplomas:

The school's commitment:

St. Theodore Guerin High School, founded as a Catholic, college preparatory, diocesan high school, is committed to academic excellence as defined by the following:

  • courses inspired and taught from a Catholic world view, based on the Christian concept of the human person, and in communion with the Magisterium of the Church always seeking wisdom and truth
  • rigor that stretches students beyond what they believed possible to prepare them for college
  • a caring, faithful, and knowledgeable faculty who help the students overcome the obstacles inherent in a challenging curriculum
  • a liberal arts curriculum that challenges students not simply to absorb information but also to articulate, apply, and evaluate information
  • a variety of teaching methodologies to allow for individual learning styles
  • the fostering of active learning whereby students take part in the educational process enabling them to become critical thinkers and life-long learners
  • a high level of expectation

The students’ commitment:

Students at St. Theodore Guerin High School are expected to focus on academic and spiritual growth while developing their full God-given potential. Students are obliged to do the following:

  • grow in their faith
  • invest in each academic discipline by setting personal goals and expectations
  • take an active role in the educational process by
    • participating in class discussions
    • claiming ownership of their work and showing a desire to learn
    • thinking critically
    • not settling for the easy answer
    • seeking help from teachers when needed
    • encouraging fellow students to push themselves academically
  • work toward learning independence: study beyond teacher-assigned homework to self-guided daily preparation in all subjects
  • develop leadership qualities through service to others

The parents’ commitment:

St. Theodore Guerin High School presumes parents to have the primary and inalienable right to educate their children. Thus, parents are important partners in the educational process. In working together to prepare tomorrow’s leaders, parents are expected to do the following:

  • model Christian values and support the students’ spiritual growth
  • recognize that the school is a community of people who have been called by God to this vocation and are working in the best interest of the students
  • communicate openly and honestly with the school faculty and staff
  • counsel their students on constructive ways to work through the challenges associated with high expectations
  • help their students set realistic priorities and develop time management skills
  • understand and communicate to their students this philosophy of education